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Your drawing of peace - 2016, May 13

Your drawing of peace

Dear colleagues,


At a time when Europe and the world in general are experiencing profound changes, it seems more than important to celebrate what is the foundation of European integration. Monday, May 9, we have, indeed, celebrated the Europe Day, which commemorates the Schuman Declaration.

May 21 is World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development.


Because a drawing, a picture is worth a thousand words...


We wish to invite every child and their parents to speak on these topics by inviting them to make a drawing of what represents peace to them.

What is your vision of cultural diversity, migration and integration in general?


The most beautiful and original drawings will be rewarded with various gifts such as: cinema tickets, gift vouchers for a toy store or a bookstore. The first prize drawing will be published in our next Panoptique and all the drawings will be also exhibited.


Practical information:

  • Size of the drawing: A3 or A4
  • Drawing technique: Hand-drawing (Pencils, painting, pastels, watercolour, collage, etc.)
  • This competition is directed to children and teenagers within the following categories of age:
    • A: Less than 7 Years old
    • B: From 7 to 10 years old
    • C: From 11 to 17 years old
    • D: From 18 to 99 years old

Hands on your pencils!

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