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Another method? No, thank you. - 2013, April 25

Another method? No, thank you.

Another method? No, thank you.

The method proposed by the Council is a carrot for you to swallow the levy.
For five and a half years the method will have no effect!

Let's critically analyse this sacrosanct method.

First, it is necessary to speak of "lack of method." In 2011 and 2012 there has been no adjustment and in 2013 and 2014 salaries will be frozen.
Who had this brilliant idea to compare our salaries with the salaries of national officials? It is clear that the evolution of our salaries should observe the parallelism with the salaries paid to government officials in the Member States.  However, it goes without saying that the level of our salaries should be compared with international civil servants such as, for example, OECD, NATO and the UN. Moreover, what about the demand of the President of the European Parliament to the Member States to communicate the salaries of national diplomats (to be used as a comparison basis for our salaries)?  Nada.

What were the disadvantages of this method?

• A loss of purchasing power of 8.51% compared to the index of the Belgian public service.
• The fact that we pay twice the crisis: once through national officials who see their wages reduced; a second time through  the solidarity levy of 6%.
                        Solidarity with whom? With Member States? What is their solidarity with Europe? Not even 1% of their GNI! Without counting the income they receive from  
                        the EU budget.

What is the counterpart of the method?
The famous solidarity levy of 6%. How long does it take to digest this levy? If we take the adjustment (that we did not get yet) of 1.7% per year, it takes 3.5 years to recover 6%. Add to that the 2-year wage freeze and it comes back to a lack of salary adjustment of 5.5 years over a period of 7 years which is the duration of the new multiannual financial framework.

The method proposed by the Council: an empty promise in exchange for a full levy.

The Executive Committee

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