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Are you one of the 9,600 …? - 2014, March 12

Are you one of the 9,600 …?

Are you one of the 9.600 …?


…who have requested their transfer of pension rights, but cannot benefit from the favourable interest rate of 3.5 per cent?
Conf-SFE has launched an appeal against this judgement.
Conf-SFE who has gone to court and covered all legal expenses of its member has now launched an appeal against the verdict in the Teughels case.
You have probably read that the Public Service Tribunal[1] has ruled in our favour on a number of points, but ultimately decided to reject our action for an injunction:

We have consulted our lawyer who holds that the Commission was bound by its calculation proposal. It could not decide to change its first proposal, whether Ms Teughels had formally accepted it or not.
After a first calculation proposal on 29 June 2010, the administration could not simply impose a new calculation on Ms Teughels, based on new (by 30 per cent) less favourable implementing provisions.

Hence, we hope to win this appeal that could benefit 9.600 staff in our Institution.
Conf-SFE invites other staff unions and associations to join its legal action as intervening parties.

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