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Carry-over of annual leave - 2009, November 24

Carry-over of annual leave

Adjustment of our salaries for 2009: 3.6% gross (approximately 3.15% net)



Gross adjustment

Brussels International Index (inflation in Brussels) +0.9%
Purchasing power of civil servants in Member States +2.7%
TOTAL +3.6%


Net salary increase

Salary of active civil servants and agents +3,15% (on average)
(average effect of the increase of the special levy,  effective as from 1 January 2010: -0,2%; increase in retirement contribution on average: -0,25%, but in general more important increases for the basic salaries)     
Pensioners +3,6%
Allocations and compensations +3,6%

Payment of arrears and increases will be made after the Commission proposal is adopted by the Council, i.e. end of December. The results for 2009 are rather good although not fully compensating for the loss of purchasing power in 2008. However, the "method" of salary adjustments has also its "price": there is a special levy (5.07% in 2010) in addition to the Community tax. Thus it is obvious that the salary increase is not a "gift" from the council.

We are convinced that…
•    …to maintain a high quality European Public Service it is necessary to pay attractive salaries which facilitate recruitment in all Member States, even in those with the highest purchasing power
•    …the method is a generally satisfactory tool to maintain our purchasing power. Nonetheless, it is necessary to be very vigilant as far as the method's application is concerned.

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