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Contract Agents…a survey - 2008, January 24

Contract Agents…a survey

The new category of contract agents has been in existence for more than three years. CONF-SFE therefore considers that it is time to review the situation. In the light of recent Court judgements and many  questions  and complaints  from  our colleagues,  CONF-SFE  asked  Prof  Blanpain  (an expert  in  European  Social  law,  KU  Leuven)  to  carry  out  a  study  of  the  way  in  which  the Commission uses this new category of staff.

During a press conference organised by CONF-SFE, Professor Blanpain presented the main conclusions of his study: "the manner in which the European Union uses contract staff with fixed length contracts in direct contradiction with the basic principles of European Social law."

According to the study, the use of staff on successive fixed length contracts to carry out tasks rather of  a  permanent  nature  is  in  conflict  with  Council  Directive  1999/70/CE  of  28th  June  1999. Moreover, staff engaged on fixed length contracts that do the same work as permanent staff should have the same working conditions as permanent staff, including as regards pay.

CONF-SFE has already sent the study to Vice-President Kallas and requested an urgent meeting to discuss the conclusions of the study.

So that CONF-SFE  can begin  preparing  a complete  dossier,  we would  like to know  about  the individual situation of you, our contract agent colleagues. We therefore invite you to reply to the following three questions, by putting a cross in the appropriate box.

Have you replaced  another  contract  agent to do exactly the same work in the same unit?    Yes !    No!
Do you think that you will be replaced  by another contract agent when your contract finishes?    Yes !    No !
In your opinion, do you do exactly the same work as a permanent official?1    Yes !    No !

We hope that you will take the time to reply…. It's in your interest! Your replies will be dealt with in strictest confidence!

Please send your replies to our secretariat, either by e-mail to REP PERS OSP SFE, by mail to JII 79 08/206 or by fax au 64328

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