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Contract Agents: « Reddere Caesari quae sunt Caesaris » ! - 2015, June 15

Contract Agents: « Reddere Caesari quae sunt Caesaris » !

Contract Agents: « Reddere Caesari quae sunt Caesaris (*) » !
(*) One must give to Caesar what is Caesar's

At the time of the staff committee elections, some lists seem to suddenly discover the existence of the Contract Agents category; however this category exists since 2004.  

We would like to remind that, in 2006, we have been the first trade union to raise the issue of Contract Agents' recruitment with fixed term contract for permanent positions. We were also the first to point out the non-compliance of this practice with the European directive 1999-70 CE.

At that time, we requested a study from Professor Roger Blanpain that you can find on our website by clicking on the following link:

We wanted to reassure you that SFE continues to pay the utmost attention to Contract Agents working conditions as we have shown recently through our unfailing support to the CAs of Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. This is why we elected a Contract Agent as president of our trade union and we displayed colleagues from this category (CA) in the first couple of our electoral list for the 2015 staff committee elections.

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