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Contract Agents - 2013, March 8

Contract Agents

We are here to defend you!

Next week, trade unions and DG HR will meet to discuss the attractiveness of the executive agencies. Your future will be at the heart of these discussions.
Whether you are a contract agent, a temporary agent or an official working in the area of research, we will be there to stand up for you.
Since 2004, we, the SFE, have been following developments in the executive agencies. To further enhance this commitment, we have elected Giustina Sciarrabone as president of our Union. She stands for our fight to improve the working conditions of contract staff.
A contract agent herself, Giustina is well placed to note that where staff on non-permanent jobs is concerned, some progress has been achieved but further improvements are needed.
As an elected member of the ERCEA Staff Committee and the Executive Agencies Staff Network Committee (NEASC), Giustina has acquired valuable experience on the spot. Her know-how and experience enable her to stress during these negotiations what the real needs of the staff are, so that constructive solutions can be found.
At a time of great upheaval, we must work together. Together we build our own future.
You are very welcome to come and join us. Together we will find constructive solutions while respecting everyone's opinion. Contact us at:


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