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Contract extension policy in an Executive Agency - 2013, February 18

Contract extension policy in an Executive Agency

- How are you?
- I am good.
- No indefinite contract but a new extension of 2 years with performance plan.
- Goodbye if you don't accept!

- How are you?
- I am VERY good
- Ok you get an indefinite contract.

Once again we note that management of one of the Executive Agencies does not practice what it preaches.  It adds hidden and not clear-cut but ambiguous conditions for extension of contracts for Contract Agents and Temporary Agents. Instead of extending these contracts smoothly, new additional conditions are added, but not properly explained.
Apparently, being rated “good” in the annual CDR exercise is not good enough, even though you may have been promoted recently. The Agency administration might nevertheless come up with the suggestion that you should sign a contract extension of two years, accompanied by a specific performance plan whereas some of your colleagues may have been given a second 6-months contract, leading afterwards to a further contract of indefinite duration.
We completely ignore any justification for this practice for colleagues rated "good" and the same goes for the performance plan.
In any case, you better pay attention during your CDR because it might have unforeseen consequences (yes/no contract extension depending on your evaluation).
In addition, pay attention to the flexi time.  This mechanism was set up to better reconcile private and professional life. A dedicated internet site including a series of FAQ (…,) informs you on the way this flexitime should be implemented in the Commission, and, to our knowledge, most but not all Executive Agencies appear to follow it.
However, if you recuperate too much overtime, you might read remarks in your CDR such as "X does not show enough commitment to his/her work".  What it really means is that you should do much more hours overtime than the hours you recuperate or –even better – that you should not recuperate any overtime at all.
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