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Do not bargain the AST career: AST ≠ AST-SC - 2014, January 28

Do not bargain the AST career: AST ≠ AST-SC

Do not bargain the AST career


The sales seasons has started in the Commission. The business idea is to accelerate the personnel flow (AST) and reduce the sale value of some staff members (as if they were goods in stock) by assigning them to a post (AST/SC) and de facto reducing their costs.
You should definitely react against the link that was created between your AST / SC post and your statutory position (AST). Indeed, the new statute provides that from 1 January 2014 a new function group AST / SC is created. Officials AST / SC will perform clerical duties, office management and other equivalent tasks requiring a certain degree of autonomy. This is a new function group which is composed of six grades with, of course, with corresponding wages!

The reform of the Statute does not change your personal situation; you remain in the AST category but are now bound to a post AST / SC. Thus, the administration not only creates confusion but also links two clearly distinct statutory positions and careers. This goes against the staff regulations and is therefore unacceptable. We call on the administration to cancel the connection between the present ASTs and the AST/ SC career. The Commission employs human beings, not jobs!


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