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Elections: Is abstention the solution? - 2015, June 24

Elections: Is abstention the solution?

"My boss says that unions are useless"…"If I vote, my contract will not be renewed"…"I don't even know what the CLP is, is it one more trade union?!..."I'm just not interested in it and I don't want my name to be associated with trade unions", "I don't vote because trade unions have never done anything for me",…
Here are some examples of what we sometimes hear for some weeks now. We understand the lassitude and disinvestment of the colleagues who expressed these remarks.
Some people will probably interpret this as a proof of a lack of involvement of the staff in the defence of its own rights. However, it would be reductive to confine this phenomenon to such a pessimistic interpretation of the Thursday evening results which unveiled the absence of quorum after three days of elections.
Some of you expressed a feeling of misunderstanding towards trade unions, their initiatives and their usefulness for your day-to-day life. We consider this feeling legitimate. This is also the consequence of the last decade which saw the influence of trade unions decreasing in front of an administration which turns a blind eye on the staff's legitimate concerns.   
We are convinced that the multiplication of lists (12) and trade unions is counterproductive in regard to staff representation. Trade union unity is essential to defend the staff interests regardless of the category they belong to.
Staff is trade unions' raison d'être, it is of course the case at SFE. Without its members, trade unions would not exist.
Furthermore, trade unions are composed of your colleagues from all categories (AD, AST, AST-SC, CA). Staff representation draws its strength from the staff it represents. Trade unions and staff are interdependent: Despising staff representation amounts to forgetting that social involvement is every body's business.

Hence, simply breaking ties with trade unions does no one any favours. You can be satisfied with the current situation, however we believe that solidarity with people who suffer from unequal treatment and other injustices is the duty of everyone. Trade unions' duty is to listen to you and to be your spokesperson before the administration.
In short, you are the strength of trade unions and it is by getting involved in the defence of your rights that you can make things go forward. We noticed the disenchantment towards trade unions; we take good note of this. And we expect from you that you express yourself constructively so we can go forward together.
We also invite you to remember the benefits acquired by trade union action without indulging in sclerosing nostalgia. These gains were obtained in times when the staff was rallied behind trade unions and trade unions supported the staff with determination.
Social dialogue as well as the whole staff (all categories included) is in danger, and the danger of social conflict is very real!
Help us bring about change and propose your ideas because without you the situation described in this article could continue.
SFE, list 3
However our trade union also interprets this event as a second chance for the trade unions as well as for you who often get caught up in the confusion which stems from the lack of clarity of the trade unions' message. SFE developed a certain dynamic and a modern approach in order to better fulfil your expectations. At SFE we do not make empty electoral promises! The only promise we make is to be on your side at all times and to support you regardless of your origin and status!

An institution that advocates for respect and well-being of workers in the member states while refusing to comply with these values intra muros obviously needs to globally review its mode of operation. Less power for trade unions amounts to a step backward for democracy.
Help us, and together we will bring about change!

Voting list 3  is one way to get involved!

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