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Implementation of the new Staff Regulations - Equal treatment of staff between institutions - Respect for social dialogue‏ - 2014, May 19

Implementation of the new Staff Regulations - Equal treatment of staff between institutions - Respect for social dialogue‏

One single Staff Regulation and the legal obligation to ensure its coherent application across all institutions.
During its presentation of the (2014) Reform proposal in 2011, while confirming its attachment to a single Staff Regulation across all the institutions, the Commission presented concrete measures allowing for an efficient follow-up of the implementation of the provisions of the Staff Regulations by the different institutions and to bring to light any unjustified differences or discriminations.
It is for this reason that Article 110 currently foresees the creation of a register in the Court of justice of the General Implementing Provisions of the Staff Regulations adopted by the Appointing Authority of each institution.
Nevertheless, the Commission doesn't appear to care about this convergence in the implementation of the first measures of the new Staff Regulations
Discrimination against Commission staff!
We are forced to conclude that in the implementation of ALL the implementing provisions of the new Staff Regulations, our staff has up to now been penalised.
The demands of the trade unions - aimed towards taking account of the progress of negotiations of similar measures in the other institutions - have been flatly refused.
The result is that the Commission staff suffers from a double discrimination which, in the long term, will weaken the Commission to the point of endangering its role.  
The unions cannot accept such an inconsiderate and discriminatory approach towards our colleagues!
The failure of the negotiations on working time is a striking illustration!
Concerning the implementation of the 40-hour week, the unions (simply) requested that the practices agreed in the other institutions be taken into account. However the unions were even denied the possibility of defending their demands at the political level: a political-level "concertation" was flatly refused by DG HR.
We will provide you with our analysis of this file shortly.
The dysfunctions and confused procedures of social dialogue have to stop.
Our organisations consider these methods of working to be unacceptable.
In this situation, we have addressed the attached request for a meeting with Mr Barroso.
We thank you for the support which you continue to provide for the action of your representatives and we will keep you informed of the progress of these discussions and on other initiatives which we envisage to defend the rights of staff.

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