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Presenteeism in power - III - 2014, March 13

Presenteeism in power - III

Presenteeism in power - III

Buy a Porsche! They show the way!
Porsche is reducing its working hours

Porsche is reducing its working hours!
Admittedly, this is surprising – a trade union which is defending staff rights advises you to buy a luxury car. But we just wanted to get your attention that other ways of working are also possible, in particular, the reduction of working hours!
Working less but still earning the same salary - this dream has become true for Porsche staff. As a matter of fact, the main Porsche factory in Zuffenhausen has reduced its weekly working time to 34 hours without any salary cut for its 3500 employees because of productivity gains.
However, in the Commission the work-life balance is an empty promise. It is German industry which gives the right example and contradicts this "holy" principle of ever longer working hours….

Join us to defend staff interest against the dictate of Member States!

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