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Tract all OSP pseudo refrome - 2008, July 24

Tract all OSP pseudo refrome

Under cover of the "Modernisation of the Commission’s Human Resources" there are plans afoot for the gradual and complete dismantling of the European public service.

The actions proposed in the synthesis report* of the HOLQUIST/VERRUE/MADELIN working groups form a threat to the European Public Service and European integration:
•    a drastic reduction in the Commission’s workforce, accompanied by a significant cut in the number of permanent staff and a very strong increase in the number of precarious and external employees;
•    the systematic performance of AST tasks by precarious employees;
•    an increase in the discretionary power of each Director-General, reinforcing the system of “fiefs", thereby significantly undermining DG Admin’s regulatory role and its function as "guardian of the staff regulations";
•    the anarchic multiplication of non-permanent employment structures;
•    increased pressure for forced staff mobility.

Staff representatives reject the form of this underhand method of drawing up reforms, without prior consultation with staff representatives, as was the case for the Caston report in 1998.
We urge the College to implement within its own institution the social dialogue that it recommends at the level of Member States and to initiate a true debate on the future of the European public service.
To perform its role as a European institution, the Commission must be served by independent, permanent and highly qualified and motivated staff.
We invite all colleagues to ascertain the facts and join forces in the common interest since the period after the summer holidays could be “fraught with danger”.

The executive committees

(*) Report available on the site of the OSP.    

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