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Your mobility ? Conf-SFE cares ! - 2012, February 8

Your mobility ? Conf-SFE cares !


Your mobility ? Conf-SFE cares !


Since 2002, Conf-SFE was the first trade union active in the field of "Mobility". Conf-SFE fought for you to get financial compensation to encourage you to use more alternative means of transport (metro, tram, train, bicycle, carpool, etc.). Through our efforts, the Commission staff and the Council are entitled to it: a great success in an important matter for the welfare of staff and the environment in the European quarter of Brussels.


We see - with pleasure and satisfaction, that the financial contribution of GSC (General Secretariat of the Council) has been improved through three new features:

 1. reimbursement is increased to 70% (with ceiling: € 400) if you opt not to use the car parks of GSC;


2. reimbursement increases to 45% (with ceiling: € 268) if you occasionally want to access the car parks of GSC;


3. a new type of refund is introduced: the subscription to the rental system of public bicycles (Villo) is reimbursed at 100% (in line with the ceilings mentionned above).

 Conf-SFE will continue to invest in this matter until the public transport costs are reimbursed at 100%.

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