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Your season tickets finally reimbursed ! - 2010, May 1

Your season tickets finally reimbursed !

The Conf-SFE has just been informed that the Budgetary Authority will soon withdraw the reserve placed on the budget line intended for the partial reimbursement of the public transport from which the personnel of the Commission will be able to benefit.

The OIB is currently finalizing the draft communication which will show the procedures and the reimbursement conditions. This communication should be published before the summer 2010. This will finalize a project for which the Conf-SFE has worked for several years and also represents a success on an important file for the well-being of the staff and for the environment in the
European quarter in Brussels.

Follow attentively the publications that OIB will distribute in the near future on this subject!

Finally, this is further proof of the fact that the Conf-SFE spares no effort to live up to its electoral promises and to defend your interests.

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