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Please inform us if you see other similar behavior. A: I found this discussion thread on a Skype support forum. The final solution is to download the new Microsoft.Net Framework 4.6 and install it again. Gleichstellungsring The Gleichstellungsring (GA) is a German human rights organization that is fighting against discrimination in the German society. It was founded in 2003 as the result of a nationwide campaign by the , an umbrella organisation for all German left wing groups, and was one of the few political parties in Germany allowed to use the word "socialist" in its name. The GA is a network of local chapters (Activa) in German states and local districts, each supporting a state "globus" (global chapter) and a district "gemeinschaft" (community association). Each Activa is mainly formed by local activists of the German Communist Party, the Social Democratic Party, the Left Party and the Greens. The goal of the GA is to fight social discrimination in Germany and protect basic rights of minorities. Every two years the GA holds a congress. The first was in May 2003 in Hamburg and the second in 2008 in Munich. Since the political climate changed after the German reunification, the International GA Congress took place in Athens, Greece in 2010. The third GA congress was held in Berlin from 19 to 23 November 2011. Each year a "campaign week" is held in Germany. The first such campaign week was held in 2003. Membership Members of the Gleichstellungsring are allowed to call themselves GA members, but they are only paid a small salary. However, they receive social security and employer contributions. The membership of the Gleichstellungsring is based on the local branches and has the following distribution: State GA's The Gleichstellungsring has members in 19 of the 16 German states. In those states, members are appointed and active in the state GA, which may have a district association, but is managed by a state GA as well. State GA's District GA's The following districts have an associated district association: Notable members Past members Renate Ewert, Chairwoman of the GA since its founding Reinhold Häfker, German social activist, founder of the Gleichstellungsring.

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