7 Feb 2018

By a message to the staff, from January 11th, 2018 till 11:07 am, OIB informed us that catering services would be interrupted the same day at the BERL, BU-5, EEAS, CCAB, MADO, PLB3, MO34 and L130 further to a spontaneous strike by the staff of CIANO and UNIJOLLY firms.


CONF-SFE through its partnership with the largest Belgian trade union ACV-CSC, has been informed that the OIB has been aware for some time of the social problems in these companies, which would face major problems of cash flow. This would have negative consequences on employee compensation payments.


In addition there would be a situation of non-compliance with working conditions and pressures on the staff. ACV/CSC supports the employees concerned and is with them in this social conflict, with