Access to water! #Zeroplastic!

Access to water! #Zeroplastic!

We congratulate and salute this initiative of the OIB and its manager and we must welcome this step for a more respectful and sensible use of water. In addition, it was also an ingenious idea to have used recycled and recovered furniture for the manufacture of furniture, which is a very good example of economy and good management.

In this sense SFE has found it useful and necessary to support this action by offering flasks with large openings to avoid contact with the filling, thus respecting hygiene. SFE should continue this action.

SFE was and is in favour of widespread installation in all canteens / cafeterias of free water dispensers. Because access to water is not a luxury and water should never be more

expensive than a soda!

This fits fully into the Wellness policy of our administration!

While we’re there, let's go further and dare the #zeroplastic!

Just like having drastically reduced printouts (yes, at SFE we have decided that our notice election posters would be printed and visible but not up to the toilets or upholstered on all the walls of the entrance halls).

SFE goes further and proposes the removal of traditional plastic bottles in your offices.

So, to "act rather than claim without any purpose", (as so far we have not wasted our budget on honey or posters that we stick everywhere) SFE offers and distributes on November recycled plastic flasks, reusable as much as you want! Why not you?

Ecology, we should not talk about it only during the elections, like so many other subjects ...


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