Reclassification exercise 2019 - CA 3a only

20 Jun 2019



(For contractuals agents 3a only)


Dear colleagues,

According to the schedule drawn up by the DG HR (administrative information 2019), the list of people proposed for the reclassification is published on 25 June in Sysper.


(Then select the exercise year 2019 for CA 3a)
A It should be noted that the new GIP (General Implementation Provisions, published in November 2017) does not provide for a reclassification for CA 3b.


As a reminder, you must:
• Have at least 2 years of seniority in your grade as of December 31, 2019;
• Have a minimum contract duration of at least 3 years;
• Be active (or leave sick, maternity, parental, family, military service at the start of the reclassificatio