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Need help for membership, training, books or using this website?
You can also contact Cyril.
Cyril can talk in French and in English.

Our offices and telephone line are not constantly insured.

We invite you to contact us via the form opposite or to send an email to . We will respond to your request within a theoretical period of 2 to 7 working days. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

The answers givent to you have no contractual value and are not a substitude for an offical response from the administrative services. The SFE union declines all responsabiliy in case of error, omission or misinterpretation, as its main role is that of an advisor.

It's preferable to obtain an answer from the competent services first, depending of the situation, and then contact us.

If you need legal advice or are experiencing a serious situation (e.g. harassment), the SFE union can help you before calling a lawyer.


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Rue Joseph II - Building J70

01/200 (Block A)

1049 Brussels - Belgium

Tel. 02/296.31.27



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