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  • Structured Interview

  • Group exercise

  • Oral presentation

  • Case study

* Each theme the Assessment Centre lasts approximately 1 hour as a presentation. The order is defined by the trainer. We advise you to check your notice of competition / tests on your account on the European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO).

Trainer: Anne DRAIME is a consultant in the field of human ressources in Europe. Her expertise mainly concerns to the European Union labor market...

(More about Anne DRAIME by click on this link)

Assessment Centre: 30/01/2020 -16h to 20h in English

Assessment Centre: 20/02/2020 -16h to 20h in French

Assessment Centre: 05/03/2020 -16h to 20h in English

Assessment Centre: 19/03/2020 -16h to 20h in French

* Please check the dates available on our website. Registrations are closed approximately 1 day before the training.


Member of SFE -> FREE  (in order of contribution)

Non-members -> 100 euros for Assessment Centre (4h)


* Only the payment date is valid and this must be done before the training. Places are limited and no refund will be made unless there is a valid excuse.


The courses organized by the SFE are also open to people who do not work in the European institutions (at non-member price).

Someone around you is a member of SFE? He can sponsor you and make you attend an excellent free training* !

* The member must be in order of contribution. External persons will be required to send us a copy of their valid ID card in order to achieve regulated access on the day of the training.

The place will be communicated via an Outlook calendar invitation to participants who have validated and paid their registration.


The invitation will precise you that the building and the room number in Brussels (European district).

For organizational reasons, participants are asked to arrive in advance.

You can register:

  • Via the online form below

  • Or by email (specifying: name, last name, email, DG/Agency/Institution, member of  SFE or not, date of training wanted and your proof of payment as a screen printing)

IBAN : BE60 7340 1153 9470


Communication : TRAINING - DATE + YOUR NAME

* Please check the dates available of the form below or contact us if you have a doubt before any payment.

Our trainings in Brussels are, for the moment, not available by WEBINAR or video conference.


We thank you for your understanding.


SFE training is not considered official training by DG HR or EPSO.

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ATTENTION: the secretariat will no longer be available from July 2019. We advise you to follow the indications that you will receive in the automatic POWr email to finalize your registration to the trainings.

SFE thanks you for your understanding.


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Anne Draime is a consultant in the European HR field. Her expertise concerns principally the access to the EU job market.

For over 20 years now, she has developed an extensive series of services and tools in response to the large amount of questions which were addressed to her in the field.


Her competences concern more specifically:

  • the professional guidance in the frame of EU business

  • skills assessment

  • the preparation to the EU competitions

  • the access to the EU job market.


Her activities have brought her to the center of a large European network, highly efficient in terms of support and

sources of information. She has been giving tutorials, workshops and seminars inside the EU institutions (Commission,

Parliament, Council, Agencies, etc.) for several years now.


She is the author of several publications in the field of the EU competitions, including « How to prepare and succeed in

the EU selection process” (co-author), the first bilingual publication on the new competition process of the European

Union (March 2010).


Anne Draime has created and been in charge of the Careers Service of the College of Europe (Brugge/Warsaw) for

more than 14 years.


She has taken part in a large amount of conferences as an EU expert, such as:

- FEDORA (European Forum  for Academic guidance)

- well known European universities

- European job fairs (for example the European Voice Job Fair in Brussels).


She holds a degree in political science from the University of Leuven in Belgium. During her studies, she spent one year in the United Kingdom and has worked for the German Bundestag in Bonn for one year.

Since then, she continuously keeps training and learning within the Human Resources field, focusing on its European aspects, which today allows her to be considered an expert in her field.

ATTENTION: the trainer Anne DRAIME does not manage the books and she has not any partnership with ORSEU. Please contact the SFE directly if you want further informations.

* The training offered by Anne DRAIME on her website is not supported by the SFE union

(No free for SFE members - individual training).

Anne DRAIME is an independent trainer who applies her own rates and personalized courses according to her availability.



2017 (Stock : 0)

SFE member: 30€

Non-member: 39€

2012 (Stock : 3)

SFE member: 30€

Non-member: 39€

2019 (Stock : 0)

SFE member: 27€

Non-member: 35€

2019 (Stock : 0)

SFE member: 27€

Non-member: 35€

2017 (Stock : 0)

SFE member: 30€

Non-member: 39€

2013 (Stock : 2)

SFE member: 25€

Non-member: 32€

2012 (Stock : 6)

SFE member: 30€

Non-member: 39€

2014 (Stock : 7)

SFE member: 15€

Non-member: 20€

2015 (Stock : 6)

SFE member: 30€

Non-member: 39€

2012 (Stock : 10)

SFE member: 20€

Non-member: 22€

2016 (Stock : 0)

SFE member: 27€

Non-member: 35€

ATTENTION: the secretariat will no longer be available from July 2019.

Shipments of books will be possible only from August 5, 2019 and when the payment is effective on the bank account of SFE.

Need help for training, books or using this website?
You can also contact Cyril.
Cyril can talk in French and in English.

Payment available only by:

  • Bank transfer


IBAN: BE60 7340 1153 9470



* Thee books are provided only after payment within the limits of available stocks. Our website informs you of the stock. Books are note returned, exchanged or refunded.

Shippment method:

  • The books can be shipped by internal mail after payment (shipping is possible to all sites of the European institutions) and you need to precise your name, DG/AG/Inst. You may need to get closer to the service that handles the mail of your building.

* Books are not shipped by the national post or external parcel. SFE gives priority to those who have paid the books.

You can request a quote:

SFE will recontact you with the functional mailbox REP PERS OSP SFE FORMATIONS with the informations that you sent.

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