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In these particularly stressful times for everyone, the SFE union offers you the opportunity to learn a very simple energy technique to take care of yourself and all those around you.

Tonia MARRELLA is an energy euphonist coach (EFT - Meridian Energy Techniques, Manual Spinal Joint Techniques - Energy Ayurveda), meditation teacher, Samara yoga instructor for children and adults and SEVE debate leader.

Tonia is currently working at the EACEA executive agency. For more than 2 years she has been leading a regular meditation workshop followed by energy exercises for colleagues from all European Institutions.


Since 2017 she has been practicing and teaching sitting and movement meditation to adults and children.


Together with her partner she founded a small structure called "Lumina Sama" in order to help anyone who is looking to find a better physical and/or psychological balance through the different energetic techniques she has learned during her numerous training courses.


After a burn-out, she decided to take her life in hand and to find a true meaning to her life. With meditation, which transformed her life, Tonia became interested in the different methods that were proposed to her and decided to learn and pass them on to others. 


All these methods are derived from ancestral Chinese, Indian, Eastern, Middle Eastern and Western medicines. They are an extraordinary and indispensable complement to any person who wishes to recover physical, emotional and intellectual balance.

The practice
The basic principle of meridian energy treatments is that our health depends on the proper flow of life energy along the energy lines in our body. These energy lines are called meridians, silsilla or nadis.
Any physical or psychological disorder - be it pain, illness, stress - is linked to a disruption in the flow of energy along one of these energy lines.

During this presentation session, Tonia will teach you an energetic protocol called "The 7 Lataïf Protocol" which is very simple and effective. It consists in tapping (like EFT) acupressure points (7 in number) called Lataïf in order to dissolve an energetic blockage in a Silsilla and to relaunch the energy in the whole body.

This protocol is so simple that it can also be passed on to children so that they can also practice it at any time of the day during stressful situations.


Duration: 1 hour

Presentation + exercise

12:30 - 13:30

Presentation, Protocol 7 "Lataïf


in French only.

This wellness session is free!

Session with Skype Enterprise (available on your browser)

Headset + microphone recommended.

Webcam not required.

All colleagues from the institutions as well as externals can participate

Maximum number of participants:

10 / 25

Next date:

25 May 2021

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