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It's all about the benefits:

  • Free training; 

  • Sponsor someone for a training course;

  • Preferential prices for training books;

  • Free legal consultations (professional field);

  • Financing an appeal (under conditions);

  • We will be attentive to your requests for reclassification/promotion;

  • Get discounts for insurance contracts;

  • Receive member information, leaflets and specific publications;

  • Receive follow-up and assistance from the administrative services;

  • Who better than your colleagues to defend you and even after your career (pension)?

  • To become a privileged contact in your departments and for your colleagues;

  • Give your expertise of your job and assist you in improving your working conditions;

  • Participate in our internal special operations, drinks and get vouchers / gadgets at certain periods.


Reserved for members in good standing.


SFE is committed to an ecological and responsible policy.

The time has come to act, not to think.

We must educate each individual to save our habitat, and this will begin with small gestures of everyday life.
The SFE union is committed to sustainable ecology and supports any initiative in this direction, already avoiding, for example, paper prints as much as possible and favoring the digital format as well as the recycling of waste. Ditto for food etc ...
Let's think of our planet all year long and for future generations!



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