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What are the Computer Based Tests?

Imported from Anglo-Saxon countries, computer reasoning tests allow candidates to be assessed on their skills in a stressful situation without taking knowledge into account.

Computer tests are multiple choice questions where the candidate must answer very quickly by selecting the answer (s) that they deem right. The challenges of these tests are the management of time, stress and the ability to find  answers logically, thanks to fast reading (verbal reasoning), visual logic (abstract reasoning), reading numerical information and mathematics ( numerical reasoning). The CAST and Competition will be choosing the candidates with the best results.

It is therefore essential to train for the test of computer reasoning MCQs because it is with training that you will progress. You can see what the EPSO exam software looks like on this official link.

Please note: EPSO tests are now carried out remotely on your private computer, not your work computer (see the EPSO article on this subject).

Here is the detail of the training offered by SFE on multiple choice reasoning tests:

Duration: 6h00 (in 2 sessions in the evening) between 18h00 to 21h00 

Adequate training for all CBT, whatever the level (CAST and competitions)

Presentation of the tests, Numerical, Abstrac and Verbal reasoning.

This training is also open to people outside the institutions.

Available languages: in English or in French. The courses are idendical.

This training is webinar. A good Internet connexion is required.

Headphones recommended. Chatbox available during sessions

Temporary course materials and recorded video available for 2 weeks

​​Training coached by:

Orseu concours is the leader in the training of future European functionaries and in the preparation for the European EPSO competitions.


Next dates:

​* 7 & 8 october 2024 in ENGLISH

Places available: 15/15


Registration until 3 October.

​* 16 & 17 October 2024 in FRENCH

Places available: 14/15

Registration until 11 October.

​* 6 & 7 November 2024 in ENGLISH

Places available: 15/15

Registration until 1 November.

There will be no additional training for 2024.

Bulletin d'adhésion - Membre
Dates formations
Need help?
About training courses or membership?
You can contact Cyril in English or French.
If the electronic form opposite does not work (or if you are on the mobile version), you can download and complete the PDF form by clicking on the button below, then send it to us by email with your proof of transfer.
Registration details

As a non-member of SFE / person external to the European Institutions

Registration is mandatory via this form above. An automatic email will be sent to you explaining the steps to follow (check your spam folder).


Mandatory payment by bank transfer (125€ per course) before the registration deadline.

This payment allows you to attend the course as a non-member of the SFE union, and/or if you do not work in the European Institutions.


Price: 125€ (non-member) per course

IBAN: BE60 7340 1153 9470


Communication: CBT – DATE + YOUR NAME

You are already an SFE member

If you are an SFE member in good standing, you must register via this form above before the closing date for course registrations. The email address you provide will be used to communicate with you (check your spam folder).


It's FREE, quick and easy!

You would like to become a member of SFE

Just fill in our membership form, available here, and specify the desired training date.

Minimum membership period: 1 year.               


Contributions (refer to your base salary):

- 24€ (Salary up to 1800€ or retired)

- 48€ (Between 1801€ & 2480€)

- 96€ (Between 2481€ & 3470€)

- 144€ (Between 3471€ & 4470€)

- 192€ (Over 4471€)

Who can join the SFE?: AD, AST, AST-SC, CA 3a and 3b.

In addition, Seconded National Experts (END), External (EXT), Temporary Agents (T) and Blue Book trainees can join the SFE union by following the same dues schedule above and referring to the allowance they receive from the administration.

The effective payment (non-member or membership) assures you a definitive place within the limit of the available places planned. Any registration after the close of registration will be refused.


Please be aware of possible typos when filling in our forms. SFE cannot be held responsible if your email address is invalid.


  • As soon as the SFE union has received your payment, you will receive an email from SFE to confirm your registration. You will have the opportunity to change your email address (private or professional) before the registration deadline.

  • A few days before the course, SFE will contact you to send you the course materials. These materials and the webinar recording will be available for two weeks after the training.

  • Finally, the day before the webinars, you will receive two links from ORSEU Concours by email ("DIGITAL SAMBA INVITATION") to connect to the webinar.

  • If you have any problems accessing the documents or webinars, please contact our service provider before the start of the sessions: orseu concours.


The SFE union wishes you an excellent training and success in your tests!

As a reminder...

  • Once the training has been provided by our partner, whether you attend or not, you cannot claim any refund.

  • The documents provided are the exclusive property of our service provider ORSEU Concours. Under no circumstances may they be supplied by the SFE union beyond the two-week deadline.

  • If you register after the deadline or if we have no more places available, you will receive a full refund (or you can register for a future course on the same theme, at the same price for non-members).

  • SFE training courses are not official for DG HR, EPSO or your hierarchy. They are not considered as working time! A certificate of registration can be provided on request.

  • The SFE union is not responsible for the content of the training given. 

  • If you have a problem during your test, if you have been treated unequally, or any other problem, we advise you to consult our page dedicated to EPSO.

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