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Membership Form - Member
Raison d'adhésion
Payment & Contribution grid

Becoming a SFE member is above all adhering to our values, ie:

  • Listening

  • The respect

  • Integrity

  • Reliability

To join our union, you can:

- Complete the form above (not available on mobile version or if it does not work correctly).




- Download and complete the Word or PDF form by clicking this button below. This form must be sent to the SFE secretariat by e-mail.

- By submitting this form, you accept that the personal data entered will be processed by the SFE union. These data will not be used for commercial purposes nor transferred to another entity. You can consult your data, modify and delete them by written request to the secretariat.

- You understand that you will receive union communications from SFE (info-members) via your email address.

- You have read and accept the Statutes of the SFE union.

SFE accompanies its members throughout their career in the european institutions and even after!

Membership payment

To facilitate and finalize your membership, we kindly ask you to set up a permanent annual transfer of your contribution - depending on the duration of your contract -  according to the salary grid (right) on the bank account of the trade union:

IBAN: BE60 7340 1153 9470


Communication: contribution+ YOUR NAME

The membership fee of a member of SFE allows them to obtain the following services and benefits:

Free trainings for EPSO competitions*;

Sponsor a person of your choice for 1 course (you will not be able to attend this course)*.

Free legal consultations about your professional life*;

• Preferential prices for training books*;​

• Special reduction price concerning insurance contracts for SFE members;

• Fund an appeal (after approval of the Executive Committee and study of the file) and/or advise you on the drafting of Articles 90 of the Staff Regulations*;

• Support your request for reclassification/promotion (we cannot guarantee that you will get it, but we give priority to our members)*;

• Personalized follow-up of your file and support from one of our secretaries;

• Info-members, leaflets and specific publications;

• Support from our experts in your administrative procedures with the different departments (HR, PMO, Medical Service ...);

• A follow-up of the members throughout the career and even after (pension);

• Become a privileged contact of the SFE union within your department and help the union in its expertise of certain professions / institutions;

• Participation in internal special operations, lunches and obtaining gadgets or vouchers at certain times*;

*Reserved for registered members in order of contribution.

Membership fees are annual and cannot be refunded (except in case of error such as double payment...).

Contribution grid

Members pay an annual contribution to the trade union in relation to their base salary or compensation (without any Belgian / European allowances or taxes). This contribuation cannot be prorated.

  • 24 € (monthly salary up to max 1.800 €)

  • 24 € (retired)

  • 48 € (between 1801€ and 2.480 €)

  • 96 € (between 2.481 and 3.470 €)

  • 144 € (between 3.471 and 4.470 €)

  • 192 € (over 4.471 €)

In addition, the following people:
- SNE (Seconded National Expert);
- EXT (Interim person within the institutions);
- TEMP (or T);
- CA 3b;
- Pensioners of the institutions
- Blue Book trainees;

=> can register as SFE member by paying a membership fee as well.

External persons not working (or with a private contract) in a European institution cannot register as members of the SFE union.


If you want to stop your membership, you must cancel your automatic bank transfer and contact us by mail

The SFE union will not be responsible if you have not done the necessary with your bank.

Termination of membership
Need help for becoming member of the SFE union?
You can also contact Cyril.
Cyril can talk in French and in English.
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