As every 3 years, the Local Staff Committee (LSC / CSP) must be renewed and the staff is called upon to elect these representatives.

In addition to the emergence of election posters in the halls of buildings and see your mailbox daily filled with leaflets and other messages of all kinds (which may annoy some (rightly)), the election of Representatives represent a major stake to guarantee your interests in the administration during the social dialogue, but also when your situation requires it.

Because that's the whole point!

Not voting is the risk of weakening representation and seeing your achievements disappear.
Throughout Europe, we see rising in power a certain extremism, a retreat on oneself ...
We do not want to have one or more "extremist" trade unions in the Commission, but we see the interest of staff in the social dialogue disappearing like snow, and as a result, a loss of expertise and mastery of the Representation, in favor of a race for visibility or the "political" position. We also see this retreat at the expense of solidarity.

At SFE, it is thought that "to make a union" and "to be a staff representative" is above all to accompany colleagues, to help them and to guarantee their interests. It is also showing solidarity with each colleague


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