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Legal consultation + Booking

NB: If you need help or advice, please contact SFE first by clicking on this link and explaining very precisely your request.


We remind you that the lawyer intervenes only after an agreement of the Executive Committee and analysis of the Bureau.


Who can participate to these legal consultations?


The legal consultations organized by SFE are opened for all members (actives and retired) in order of contribution. Thee meeting can be in French or in English. 


You can become a member by clicking on this link.


Lawyer: Mr Makram ITANI is a member of the Brussels Bar since 2005:


- Attorney attested to the Court of Cassation in matters of criminal procedure;

- Lecturer in law at the EPFC Brussels;

- SFE union lawyer since 2016;

(More information concerning Me ITANI here)


What topics can be discussed with the lawyer?

All professional topics can be treated:

- Transfer of pension rights in/out; 

- Reclassification / promotion;

- Brexit ;

- Working conditions;

- Sickness, JSIS, disability (etc.) ;

- Harassment...

- Etc...


These exchanges are strictly confidentials.


Do I have other ways to get help?

2 methods:

  • We can help you to solve your problem before calling the lawyer. Our team will be pleased to assist you in your efforts (Medical Service, HR, hierarchy, etc...) and provide answers. Feel free to contact us.

  • For all subjects that are not professional, the European Commission provides lawyers (free) to help you in your efforts. We encourage you to contact the DG HR directly (Directorate General Human Resources and Security).


How long does a consultation last?

The duration of appointment with the lawyer is 30 minutes per person and this meeting will take place between 12h30 to 15h30.


These consultations could be organized every month and its depend of the agenda of the lawyer. The date will be communicated to our member as soon as possible.

For organizational reasons, please contact us quickly if you want to come to a meeting. In this case, be kind to tell us what subject will be concerned.

Where and how the consultation will take place?

These consultations always take place in our premises during the time of table (see the address below). If you are on another site and / or unable to move, they can take part in audioconference or written summary).

We kindly ask you to bring any documents that you think will be useful for your questions.


You can enrol:

A calendar invitation via Outlook will be sent to your email address. These meetings are reserved according to the date of reception of forms and if you're in order of contribution.


What happens after a legal consultation?


A legal consultation is a first step in determining whether or not an appeal or legal action can / should be given to a file with the lawyer's advices. SFE wishes first and foremost reconciliation to direct confrontation that could garner years of procedure.

it is the Executive Committee, meets every second Monday (excluding school holidays / holidays), which decides and agrees to give or not a (partial or total) financial support for an appeal or a legal action, decision based on the lawyer opinion.


Remember that...

  • SFE provides moral and legal support to all its members (active and retired) who are in good standing. Legal Aid is provided only for professional cases.

  • Each case is specific. SFE can not be held responsible if a legal authority rejects your request or if it refuses to support your request after the study of the file + opinion of the lawyer.

  • SFE examines the case submitted to it by you and / or the lawyer and decides supremely (Executive Committee) of the prosecution or not of the file as well as the assumption of responsibility (partial or total) of the fees of the lawyer . If not, you have the option to continue, at your own expense, to bring the matter to the attention of DG HR or the European Court.

  • SFE will not contact the lawyer if the union is able to provide you with an answer and your problem could be resolved without his intervention.

  • Communications must go through SFE, yourself and the lawyer. It is strictly forbidden to contact the lawyer at any time (except at his request for desired items, documents) without SFE being notified and made copies of communications ("Cc"). These communications and exchanges will be made exclusively by email. Otherwise, SFE may ask you to pay the fees collected for any abuse.


  • SFE or the lawyer will never draft entirely for you an article 90§1 or 90§2 or 91 of the Staff Regulations. The union and the lawyer will provide you with help and advice for writing it.


  • You must, whatever the case, comply with the legal deadlines of the administration (DG HR) to appeal / complain.

  • The financial contribution of SFE for a complaint or an appeal, whatever the case, can not exceed the amount decided for the Executive Committee. This amount is not cumulative. In case of overrun, you will have to participate in the fees.

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Maître Makram ITANI


Member of the Brussels Bar since 2005


Attorney attested to the Court of Cassation in matters of criminal procedure

Lecturer in law at the EPFC Brussels

Member of the SFE union since 2016

LL.M. - English Program, Postgraduate Degree (European Law School - Maastricht University - The Netherlands)


Comparative and European Union Law, including Human Rights

Master of Laws (Faculty of Law, Free University of Brussels - Belgium)

Master of Law with honors (Faculty of Law | Nice-Sophia Antipolis University - France)

Me ITANI speaks the following languages: French - English


Rue Joseph II - Building J70

01/040 (Block A)

1049 Brussels - Belgium

Tel. 02/296.31.27


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