AMC = A Missed Chance? Staff is not serial numbers!

31 Oct 2017


SFE has been informed that DG HR has decided to extend by six months the AMC pilot project for the centralization of human resources management.

This is hardly a surprise to SFE as the project was very poorly prepared from the early start by DG HR, leading to massively negative feedback from both AMC collaborators and EC staff.

Instead of working towards the achievement of the objectives of modernising HR management and providing better service to staff and the institution, the opposite effect was reached by not giving AMC collaborators the necessary tools and procedures to successfully operate within the AMC concept.

In addition, the centralisation lead to a loss of personalised HR services to staff who feel reduced to a mere serial number, having to address anonymous functional mailboxes(!) of the Management Centre instead of e.g. Human Resources specialists..

As a consequence most AMC collaborators, nearly all specialists in the various HR domains and providing  very satisfactory services to staff, are really frustrated and discouraged, being unable to provide the same quality level as before.

AMC staff are more and more considering leaving the sinking AMC boat. Others are on the edge of burn-out due to structural work overload, stress situations ca