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PILOT PHASE of Geolocation in offices by OIB...

PILOT PHASE of Geolocation in offices ...

The OIB has decided to provide colleagues, as part of a pilot phase, RFID chips (to stick on the palm of the hand) to locate you everywhere in the buildings of the Commission.

Then you will not stress to activate your "out of office", to open your calendar to all or to indicate to your colleague where you go… Now, with your RFID chip, your colleagues can locate you through a small application as long as you are on the premises of the Commission or nearby (such as "Google map").

"There will be access restrictions in the application on who can see what" reassures the project manager. "we can more easily find colleagues in open space in case of requests (technical problems, moving, IT requests ...), it will be a time saving and an improvement of the service of the Proximity teams" says the manager

This new technology will also allow your hierarchy in a few clicks to locate you. "It can be interesting when looking for a collaborator" indicates a head of unit favorable to this pilot project.

And privacy in this project?

The OIB assured us that jammers will be arranged in so-called "private" areas, such as toilets ...

As OSP, we can question the purpose of this pilot phase ...

You do not trust us?

You’re right! It’s April Fools’Day, so this information is purely science fiction and we want it to stay that way!

Fortunately, the OIB does not envisage such a measure (in any case, on humans since the Commission's furniture park should eventually be equipped with this system to facilitate the management of the inventory)!

Respect for each person's private life remains an essential factor in maintaining our individual freedoms.

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