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Attention : suite à la réorganisation de certaines de nos pages, plusieurs liens dans nos communications sont susceptibles de ne plus fonctionner. Merci de consulter notre page TRACTS où tout a été centralisé.

Please note: following the reorganisation of some of our pages, several links in our communications may no longer work. Please consult our TRACTS page where everything has been centralised.

Summer Game 2018 (members only)

Dear members,

The summer holidays are soon here! In order to extend these moments or relaxation and especially to reward you for being a member, SFE offers you a new contest!

In game, a portable USB charger and a sandwich box SFE

The sandwich box is great for taking a small snack and has a fork / knife at the top. The GSM charger will allow you to not run out of battery. It is compatible with the main smartphones on the market and can recover up to 40% if the phone is not used! The battery charges by plugging into a USB port.

How to play? You just have to make « reply » to the message that you have received on the 24 May 2018.

Deadline to participate: 15/06/2018 at 17h30

After this deadline, e-mails will not be any more taken into account.

The 9th , 15th, 24 th, 37 th, 59 th, 65 th, 72th, 84 th, 95 th people who will answer, wil win a prize. They will personally be informed by e-mail on 18/06/2018.

To celebrate the start of summer, all participants of the game will be invited to our Summer Drink:

on 21/06/2018 at 12h30 in our premises (J70 01/040 Block A)

Good luck to everybody!

For organization reasons, thank you to reply to our invitation by e-mail to our functional mailbox: REP OSP CONF-SFE BRUXELLES

And as subject : « yes, I will participate in drink » or « no, I will no participate in drinkg ».

We are looking forward to meeting you!


  • All members up to date with their contribution can participate.

  • Members having access to the SFE mailbox cannot participate to this play-competition.

  • They will deal with the incoming e-mails and identify the winners under supervision of the Executive Committee.

  • If the numbers of answers were lower than those determined in the first message: "the The 9th , 15th, 24 th, 37 th, 59 th, 65 th, 72th, 84 th, 95 th people who answer will win a lot".

  • The Executive Committee will deduct from one place the figures not achieved until a winner is obtained in the position closest to the number mentioned.

  • To participate, members have to REPLY to the e-mail sent by the SFE functional mailbox. Should people reply several times, only the first reply will be taken into account.

  • The period of validity corresponds to the launching of the message to the members until the attribution of all the lots (deadline on 15/06/2018 at 17h30). An e-mail will be sent on 18/06/2018 to the winners to pick up their lot at the secretariat (J70, 01/203 Block A).

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