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Programme Junior Professionals

Dear colleague,

While the contractors discover in the new general provisions of execution ... the so-called "improvements" that they waited for more than two years,

While the winners of open competitions on the lists discover that their efforts will not be rewarded because the recruitment quota was reached only after two weeks of the publication of the lists,

While certified ASTs are still waiting to find an AD position, that other AST are waiting, simply to evolve ...

While many published AD competitions continue to occupy thousands of candidates,

The Commission was creative in making an unprecedented recruitment proposal tailored to its needs (and friends?): The "junior program" or how to become a civil servant quickly, without competition and without any transparency?

No staff member or staff representative would have dared to imagine proposing this type of procedure!

Only the category AD, which has become the main focus of the Commission, is sorely lacking in new talent.

SFE joins its Alliance partners (R&D and TAO-AFI) and all colleagues who have expressed their disagreement with the "Junior Program".

We can not support a non-transparent and discriminatory procedure against the Staff.

This goes against the very principles of fairness and equal treatment.

We invite you, if you have not done so, to sign the petition of our partner TAO-AFI.

Do not hesitate to contact us, because it is together and united that we can act in the interest of all!

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