Jurisprudence: Internal competitions, a progress for all achieved by the SFE!

Dear colleagues,

In 2016, the Commission organized internal competitions attended by many officials and temporary agents, as well as, for the first time, contract agents.

Several actions supported by the SFE were therefore brought against decisions of the jury refusing several agents, the right to compete on the grounds that they did not meet certain conditions provided for in the various notices of competition.

These reasons were clearly intended to exclude or limit the access of these internal competitions to these competent colleagues!

The SFE union has supported them against these decisions in order to guarantee their rights and also yours in the future!

The positive result declares void these decisions to exclude the applicants from the competition.

These "typical" cases will set a legal precedent and will allow you to consider this prospect and the opportunities for internal competitions during the next internal competition (which should take place at the end of 2018/2019).

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