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Attention : suite à la réorganisation de certaines de nos pages, plusieurs liens dans nos communications sont susceptibles de ne plus fonctionner. Merci de consulter notre page TRACTS où tout a été centralisé.

Please note: following the reorganisation of some of our pages, several links in our communications may no longer work. Please consult our TRACTS page where everything has been centralised.

SFE will be the list n. 7 and we are relying on you!

In a few days, it will be up to you!It is important to vote and elect your staff representatives!

Not to vote is the risk of weakening the representation and seeing your achievements disappear.

Throughout Europe, we see rising in power a certain extremism, a retreat on oneself ...

Far from us the idea that it is one or several “extremist” unions in the Commission, but we see disappear as snow in the sun, an interest of the staff for the social dialogue and suddenly, a loss of expertise and level of proficiency in the Representation, in favour of a competition for visibility or the "political" post.

We also see this turning in on one to the detriment of solidarity at SFE, it is thought that "to do unionism" and "to be a staff representative" is above all to accompany colleagues, to help them and to guarantee their interests. It is also showing solidarity with each colleague. Other movements already support us, such as the CISL as well as the group of ACTIF contract agents (Facebook page).

SFE are committed colleagues who want to participate in improving working conditions and social dialogue!

SFE it's you!

VOTE the SFE list n. ….

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