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Info-members 1 LSC ELECTION 2018

Dear members,

Dear candidates,

Local Staff Committee Elections 2018 are approaching (24, 25 and 26 October 2018) and we count more than ever on your support!

To vote is to strengthen our action against the administration to defend your rights!

  • Introduction – LIST 7 SFE

  • In case of absence, how to vote / vote by proxy (absentee voting)?

  • Our election materials

  • Candidates of SFE list, your list!

Introduction – List 7 SFE

The challenges of the new mandate will be important and the work load of the previous term was consequent!

The SFE is the S of solidarity, we are an association of proximity, a group of people at the service of the staff and our list of candidates is parity, (women and men) giving priority to the jobs and not to the grades, a list composed of F / CA / TA, because we consider on the basis of our experience during previous mandates, that the human distress and the worries encountered have no statutory boundaries.

Certainly, the most vulnerable categories are more at risk than others and that is why solidarity and pooling is essential, so the SFE is you, it's us, it's a lot of members!

The SFE is the F of the Force, because first of all we are one of the oldest organisations strengthened in recent years by a relatively young team resulting from the 2004 reform and supported by a cell of elders behind the scenes, because we need the strength of young people and the experience of seniors to constantly contribute to the attractiveness of the European civil service.

On the other hand, we have a cell of experienced colleagues, who work in their DG, and advise us regularly in their areas of expertise, to help us to solve the problems we submit to them (in full confidentiality)

SFE is finally the E of Efficiency, in the defence of colleagues on a daily basis, in the accompaniment to the medical service of colleagues in distress, in the constructive mediation with their hierarchy.

For instance,

It is the success of legal actions to defend agents who had been unjustly denied participation to an internal competition (see our tract on our website).

This is the positive result of art 90 par. 2 complaints against unfair decisions taken and when colleagues faced IDOC procedures, all with the best lawyers mandated by SFE.

This is the co-financing of a legal action still pending for the salary adjustment 2011 unjustly not granted. (We await the judgment we hope favourable!)

It is the organization of 20 EPSO trainings offered free of charge to our members with the best trainers and course materials, thoughtful and synchronised with the Cast and Competition organisation for about 250 participants in 2018,

It is the organisation of monthly legal consultations also offered to our members with a law firm specialised in institutional matters.

The big projects in progress are our overwhelming opposition to the new "professional Junior" recruiting policy in order to establish the so-called specialists from blue book trainees and a few privileged agents proposed by management via a procedure that is not sufficiently transparent, while hundreds of in-house and waiting-list colleagues are still hoping for job stability! That would mean there are no young candidates available and waiting?

There are also the new GIPs of contractual agents still waiting for meetings of the social dialogue that the hierarchy had promised us, for a revaluation of the function and a better evolution of career, (Concerning this part, a case is always ongoing against the revision of pension rights when signing a new post-2014 contract).

It is the new GIPs of the treatment of professional incompetence that SFE contests because they do not include a prevention article as in the Council or the Parliament and leaves the door open to all excesses.

This is the new policy of mobility, SFE defends a modern and transparent mobility but especially respectful of the different situations that the colleagues live,

Putting in place measures to ban the use of the car as much as possible without serious and concrete alternatives and without a real mobility policy, that is not viable! Brussels is the worst student and our institution must invest more with the region of Brussels-Capital!

For example:

• So far only '' DIY ''(arts and craft) has been done by the city just buying paint cans to paint bike paths without a real infrastructure,

• The refund procedure of the subscriptions is heavy and retrograde.

• On the edges of the city, free car parks equipped with shuttles for fluid traffic to the European district do not exist!

It is also the concrete improvement of the Fit @ work policy where it is absolutely necessary in a work environment at 40 hours to allow a slight regulated flexibility to colleagues to allow them a sporting or leisure activity. We advocate increased collaboration in this direction with the leisure circle.

Future work during the new term

For example:

• The post-Brexit and the budget savings related to it, the SFE is opposed that these economies take place at the expense of the staff;

• The end of the term of the current college;

• The new elections of the European Parliament and the risks posed by the rise of Eurosceptics (the Austrian Presidency and other Member States have already proposed a reform);

• A probable pension reform, the SFE will contest and oppose it, our system is positive and does not require an unfavourable revision (the two reforms 2004 and 2014 were sufficient on this subject);

• The revision of the JSIS GIPs;

We consider that our exceptional system must continue to be managed sensibly, like a reasonable man, and must be preserved at any cost!

The good health of JSIS as a result of the membership contributions must allow -without waste and with caution - for an upward revision of certain reimbursement ceilings, the strengthening of preventive medicine, as well as a strengthening of the recognition of serious illnesses and occupational illness related to psychosocial area.

Real estate policy with the vast project of construction of new buildings in the European district

Transfer of services and colleagues in DGs to new agencies.

This is why it will be important to make an election result that will allow us to have the priority and be permanent holders and main actors in the various committees of prevention, staff regulation, JSIS (Joint Sickness Insurance Management Scheme) and not only spectators!

Certainly, it is useless to gesticulate excessively during this election campaign because above all it is the fruits of the work that had be done during the previous mandate that will be reaped.

But it is nevertheless necessary to speak with the colleagues so that they know that the SFE is not a union of false promises and a miraculous association which has the power to change everything and to avoid everything, but a team of proximity daily listening to maintain the rights and attractiveness of our institution.

Meeting on October 1st with our candidates for the launch of the SFE election compaign

In case of absence, how to vote / vote by proxy (absentee voting)?

You will be absent on 24, 25 and 26 October and you still want to vote for our list.

Here’s the procedure to follow:

1/ send an email to the mailbox of the electoral office

And precise that you will be absent during the voting period and wish to vote by proxy;

2/ You will receive a document to complete and return with you vote;

Our election materials

As you can see, our posters are available on billboards. Following the "code of good conduct" of the DG HR for the elections, we are present in some places too (coffee machine space, relaxation ...). Unlike others, we refuse to stick wildly on the painted walls (at the risk of damaging the paint).

We are also committed to pick up our posters after the elections and avoid extra work for our cleaning colleagues. If you notice that our posters have been torn away or damaged, do not hesitate to let us know!

Our brochure and our flyer are also available!

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to receive supports and help us!

You can also view the brochure directly on our election site (and leave your comments!).

SFE is in favor of the removal of plastic botles and will soon distribute reusable bottles of recycled plastic (gourds), and it is our candidates who will distribute them!

So, do not hesitate to contact them!

Candidates of SFE List, your list!

Find our 54 candidates from the LIST 7 SFE!

Unlike the past and other lists, we decided that the « statute » would no longer appear on our poster. Why? Because we feel that it is not the statutory link that characterizes a colleague, nor his qualities and skills!

Half of our list is made up of officials and contract staff, which is very representative of current staff.

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