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Promotion (Fonctionnaire) : "Tout va bien dans le meilleur des mondes" ... NON !

Promotions (Official)

"All will be well in the best of all possibl worlds" ... NO!

The promotion exercise will soon be completed. The final list of promoted people will be published in the course of November.

All will be well in the best of all possible worlds for the deserving colleagues who were actually promoted. Yet, SFE thinks that the Commission could and certainly should do better!

Measures to do so do exist, without significant additional costs.

SFE has been supporting for a number of years now:

  • A better allocation among DGs of quotas, keeping in mind the time served in the Institution/seniority;

  • A better co-supervision of the dialogue between the Staff representatives and the DG on the initial promotion proposals;

  • A better acknowledgement from DGs on comments made by the staff representatives during this phase of the process;

  • Comments made in the reports must be more specific and harmonized in order to allow a fair and reliable comparison of merits, already at the dialogue phase between staff representatives and DGs;

  • A clear and transparent evaluation method based on anchor points;

  • The report should give a better account of a person’s actual performances;

  • Halt the bottlenecks that systematically arise after mobility;

  • Integrate the staff representatives at the very early stage of the discussions on budgetary projections;

You need to know … that the promotion committee and the staff representatives appointed to be part of it are not wizards and are unable to magically multiply quotas!

Appointing authority mus provide, upstream, a much clearer and better regulated system and instructions.


50% Contractual Agents – 50% Civil servants

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