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Your ideas and actions in favor of the climate (Mobilization of March 15th, 2019)

Dear colleagues,

After sending our tract on Mobilisation for climate (link), the SFE union received many ideas and individual actions from colleagues. We thank you for your constructive feedback!

We remain convinced that these are small gestures and an awareness that things can begin to move forward.

Testimonial 1:

Rechargeable hybrid vehicle travel and systematic and exclusive use of the electric mode in the city. Vehicle expensive to buy but fully amortized in less than 3 years.

  • Use of electric scooter when possible (the scooter is most often in the trunk of the car in case ...)

  • Reasonable use of travel: group them together to avoid several trips

  • Keep enough distance between vehicles, calm and far-sighted driving to reduce consumption and pollution

  • Teleworking (2 days a week) to limit the number of trips

  • Carpool for some hobbies

  • No car wash and use of max. 2 seals of water to clean the car

  • Mainly non-polluting leisure activities: hiking and sailing with use of a small sailboat and electric motor

  • Replacement of all bulbs with LED bulbs at home

  • Replacement of the gas water heater with an electric water heater

  • Showers rather than baths for a more reasonable water consumption.

  • Use of natural light instead of artificial light whenever possible

  • Use of devices with very low consumption (A + or A ++) during new purchases

  • Systematic use of stairs rather than elevator (it's good for you!)

  • Programming heating at temperatures between 16 and 21 ° depending on the time of day

  • Purchase of +/- 70% of organic food products

  • Using reusable bags for shopping

  • Selective sorting for compost in our garden

  • 102/5000Participation in the event of 29/01/2019 for the climate which gathered from 70.000 to 75.000 people

Short term:

  • Fly less often for leisure

  • Switch to greener energy via the current provider or another supplier

In medium / long terme :

  • Purchase of solar panels + possibly wind + possibly heat pump + batteries for total energy autonomy

  • Next second car of the household: full electric

  • Switch to all electric and quarantine the current boiler

Testimonial 2:

Several colleagues propose to support the action of an NGO contributing to the planting and reforestation of trees in Europe. This would create jobs in this area.

Testimonial 3:

A colleague proposes to use alternative means of transportation than the airplane for journeys of less than 500 km.

If this were not possible, the daily allowances for the missions could be allocated, in part, to a reimbursement of CO2 emission costs. Like for example on the following site :

Testimonial 4:

A colleague proposes to completely recycle paper, plastics, computer equipment, etc. in an optimal way. Organic waste could be reused for compost by a company / Association. People living near the European district must use public transport or non-polluting means of locomotion to avoid driving.

Testimonial 5:

A colleague talks about the food offered in the canteens, namely with vegetarian dishes and more respectful of animal welfare and the environment.

SFE will be present in the negotiations in 2 years when the contract with the external companies of the canteens will be negotiated again.

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