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Panoptique n.117 : Children with disabilities - Mobility in Brussels - Tribune in brief...

Panoptic n. 117

Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to present to you our panoptic 117, which addresses the theme of the disabled / seriously ill child. It follows the Panoptic 116, published in 2018, which already addressed the theme of disability.

This subject concerns us all because we are all potentially faced with one day or another disability or serious illness. This affects us even more when it comes to a child. This is an important topic for the SFE. Thus, we tried to collect a lot of useful and essential information.

Another very different theme, but one of great importance at the moment, is our mobility in Brussels and the challenges we face / will face in the future. This ‘tribune’ obviously means too many others and this issue is a key issue for our union. We can encourage you to participate and to send us your ideas, your remarks, your fears, because together we will be able to change things.

We hope you enjoy this new panoptic as much as we had the pleasure of realizing it. Your feedback and your testimonials help us to improve, do not hesitate to contact us!

Good reading everyone!

│ File: Children with disabilities │ Mobility in Brussels

│ In brief... (Medical file, Anti-cumulation SNE, Screen glasses, Accident insurance / Pension, Jurisprudence Hospitals, Social Dialogue in the Executive Agencies.)

The panoptic is an informative document. SFE assumes no responsibility for the contents of this edition, as well as any errors or omissions of any kind that may be found there.

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