The beginning of the end of the social dialogue in the Executive Agencies?

Elections of the EACEA Staff Committee blocked since 27June, 2019 due to the lack of "temporary agent" candidates.

The elections for the next EACEA Staff Committee were initially scheduled in June 2019. The rules require 4 couples of "Contract Agent" candidates and 2 of "Temporary Agent". This distribution is supposed to be representative of the staff of the agency (about 400 people).

Since 22 May, the Staff Committee on Routine Business has sent 8 messages to staff, inviting them to run as nominees for the next committee elections.

In other words, the outgoing Staff Committee did its best.

Of the 8 messages sent, 7 stressed the fact the lack of "Temporary Agent" candidates blocked the process and that the elections therefore had to be postponed.

But where are the temporary agents?

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