Redesign of our ORSEU Books page + EPSO presentation and tutorial

Dear colleagues,

Our webmaster has just updated our ORSEU Books page to improve your browsing experience.

The ORSEU books we sell allow you to practice for the exams because training alone is not enough. These materials are permanent tools and will allow you to practice effectively.

Here are some new features:

- The books are briefly described in order to better understand what will be expected of you during the EPSO exams;

- Stocks (indicative) are updated in real time as books are purchased and shipped;

- You will be able to find extracts from all the books!

- The quotation request forms allow you to take books in both French and English.

- Most of our web pages are now available and functional on your mobile or tablet.


The SFE union is pleased to present our new "EPSO" section. We will introduce you to what the European Personnel Selection Office is, the selection criteria, the profiles, the EPSO account, and how to apply.

We fully understand that colleagues or people who wish to apply for a job in the European institutions need help and/or information before trying this new adventure!


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