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Please note: following the reorganisation of some of our pages, several links in our communications may no longer work. Please consult our TRACTS page where everything has been centralised.

SFE wishes you a great end of year celebrations + voucher (members only)!

SFE wishes you a happy festive season for you and loved ones!

Dear members, Dear colleagues,

Dear friends,

This year, which is coming to an end, has not been the most peaceful and positive one for most of us.

COVID and its consequences will have brought mourning to many families, prevented people from seeing each other and being with one another, will have weakened the social network ...

Many have been directly affected by the virus and do sometimes still suffer from physical side effects or are still fighting the virus.

This pandemic will have permanently redesigned our society. All efforts made up to now must be sustained over time.

More than ever, we have seen that Europe has a central role to play in many areas, such as health, research and innovation, society as a whole, social connections...

At our level, the widespread implementation of teleworking will have sometimes exacerbated the shortcomings of an outdated management, and highlighted the importance of social relations.

For some, this period will have been very complicated.

We think of all colleagues who have been or are far away from their loved ones and those who are alone and lonely.

We hope that the coming year brings the possibility to resume a more normal life and, above all, that to meet and interact with each other again!

The challenges to come are important; the revision of the decision on telework, the development of open space projects, the signing of a new contract for canteens / catering / cafeteria; the consequences of Brexit, mobility, the changes in executive agencies, etc...

We will closely follow all topics!

To close the year and start the new one, we used to offer calendars and agendas to all members.

This year, logistical and organizational reasons have forced us to cancel this distribution.

This is nevertheless not the end of it!

Indeed, as often during this particular year, creative ideas bloomed to get around the constraints linked to Covid19.

It was important to us to be able to give you a small present within the logistical and health constraints.

This is the continuation of the process started at the start of the pandemic.

During the first wave, we made a donation to the fondation Roi Beaudoin (Hôpital St Pierre de Bruxelles) in order to help the medical staff and thereby the patients.

This donation enabled the purchase of medical equipment (respirators, medical equipment, etc.).

We have decided to give you a voucher that you will be able to use in a local store we all know and often visited in the past, namely the Filigrane bookstore.

Our approach is in line with the values ​​of our union (providing help to people who need it).

The Filigrane staff we contacted to set up this action were deeply touched and thank everyone who keeps the businesses around alive.

We wish you a Merry Christmas Season and a Happy New Year!

Please take care of yourselves and your loved ones, hopefully getting ready to meet again in 2021!


  • The voucher can be used to buy any product, directly in the Filigrane store or on their website (within the limit of their stocks).

  • This offer is reserved for our members and in priority to those who are in order of contribution.

  • The gift voucher will be sent to you by email and limited to 1 per person. It is valid until the 28th of February 2021 while stocks last.


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