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Contractuals Agents: 15 years later (2004 / 2018) - Message number 2

Contractuals Agents: 15 years later (2004 / 2018)?

The Commission can and MUST do better…

To ensure a real administrative career (message 2).

Dear colleagues,

Several response elements have been already provided in our precedent message on job stability, (granting of permanent contract, training, functional and interinstitutional mobility) and Access to the appointment to a permanent basis as a civil servant (more systematic internal competitions and General titles competitions).

However, the Staff Regulations of Officials and the Conditions of Employment of other servant of the European Union – provides other channels for drawing the outlines of a real career system for Contractual Agents within the Commission.

This is true for:

1. Grading upon entry into service and at the time of successions of contracts basis of both up-to-date qualifications and professional experience and labor market conditions cf. arts 86.1 (CA 3a) and 89.1 (CA 3b)

2. Function Group passages (FG)

The legal basis appears in the Staff Regulations (art. 87.4 of CEOS) since May 2004 although limited to CA 3a.

Luxembourg will be the first place of assignment to benefit (COPAR Opinion issued in October 2018), but it took 3 days of strike in 2014 ... to achieve this ... in total nearly 15 years after the introduction of the legal basis ...

SFE requires that Brussels urgently organises those functions groups transitions (passages)

3. Reclassifications to grade (The CEOS in Article 87.3 limits them to CA 3a)

These reclassification / promotion rates should apply mutadis mutandis to the frequency and extent of thos of civil servants. And upgrades to higher Function Group must address the existing path limitations in FGI (3 grades) and FGII (4 grades) to ensure continuity of career.

4. Call for interests and organization of selection procedures for the career development of top performing CAs, including two-way contracts between CA 3A and CA 3B.

5. Procedures for the selection of temporary agents open to CA 3A and CA 3B

This way, in addition to the career development of the most successful CAs, would also allow the laureates to fill the gap in the law preventing FG I CAs from standing for internal competitions.

SFE defends an open career system that meets the guarantees of public administrations, namely transparency, equality, merit and capacity.

Our next message will focus on a Decalogue of Positive Measures for CAs…


50% Contractuals Agents – 50% Civils servants

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