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Contractuals Agents: 15 years later (2004 / 2018) - Message number 3

Contractuals Agents: 15 years later (2004 / 2018)?

The Commission can and MUST do better…

How? Refocusing its policy on people: For an internal "social base" ...

SFE has already informed you in its previous messages of actions to be developed to achieve this goal and in particular in favour of job stability, access to the appointment to a permanent civil servant position and a real administrative career.

President Juncker met the Trade Union - OSP - on September 27th and sent them a hopeful political message that SFE wants to believe: in summary:

  • Reduce contractualization

  • Guarantee equal treatment in salary: « equal pay for equal work » he recalled…

In fact, he mentioned certain constraints, particularly of budgetary and legal nature (these aspects will be the subject of our next message), but prompted the trade union – OSP - to send him proposals.

Mr President Juncker, this is the goal of our ongoing awareness campaign.

We hope that it will not only hold the attention of the staff, but also and mainly yours ...

May you make it an internal "social base" for the Commission ...

SFE proposes the following positive measures:

  1. Make the European Charter of Fundamental Social Rights and other EU Directives a mandatory reading of the internal policy regarding Contractual Agents;

  2. Provide forward-looking management of needs and provide the required transparency;

  3. Establish a public employment offer at the interinstitutional level which will allow functional and interinstitutional mobility;

  4. Ensure the job stability of CAs in pool: 3A and 3B (Access to a permanent contract and to the appointment on a permanent basis as a civil servant);

  5. Organization of more systematic internal competitions and competition on titles: ideally 1 per year, alternately;

  6. Urgent launch of function group (FG) transitions (passages) in Brussels;

  7. Reclassification to grade to be harmonized along the promotion rates of civil servants;

  8. Call for interest and organization of selection procedures for the career development of top performing CAs, including two-way contracts between CA 3A and 3B;

  9. Publication of notices of selection of temporary agents open to CA 3A and 3B. This would also allow the laureates to fill the gap in the law preventing CA GF I from sitting internal competitions.

  10. Respect of rights acquired in relation to permanent contracts and other social parameters in the event of career progression (access to higher responsibilities, see Talent Management)

Our next message will be on « What legal basis? »


50% Contractuals Agents – 50% Civils servants

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