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EU Staff Petition to the Incoming Leaders of the EU Institutions on the Climate and Ecological Emerg

A few days ago, you may have heard about the petition launched by EUStaff4Climate, a bottom-up initiative led by EU staff in their individual/private capacity from across the EU institutions who are deeply concerned about the climate, ecological and social crisis facing our planet. In less than a week, the petition has already over 5,500 signatures.

Launched in March of this year in solidarity with the global Youth for Climate movement, EUstaff4climate has come together as concerned citizens, parents, grandparents and as employees, whose duty is to act in the public interest. Over 60 different colleagues have contributed by way of participatory workshops to shaping EUstaff4climate’s vision and priorities.

Like several members of the European Commission, the SFE trade union, fully endorses the initiative and we invite you to join in calling on EU leaders to step up to the unprecedented challenge of taking the necessary steps to prevent the impending climate and ecological disaster.

If you are interested in helping to disseminate this information you can get in touch with the EUStaff4Climate:

Twitter: @EUStaffClimate #EUStaff4Climate

Facebook: EuStaff4Climate

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